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What do you think about Christ?
Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Daily Devotional
Today's Eagle's Wings: Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Horrible Horoscopes

Monthly prognosticators.
ISAIAH 47:13

Almost every daily newspaper feels it necessary to carry a column by some astrologer to advise its readers of their fate according to the stars. You would be surprised at the number of people who take such columns seriously. The wife of a former president of the United States regularly consulted an astrologer, and some high officials in the administration have averred that presidential action was at times influenced by the astrologers advice. Even some Christians are foolish enough to check the astrology column in their newspaper. Of course, it is just for fun! The trouble is, there is nothing funny about astrology.

Astrology is ancient. The notion that the stars somehow control our destiny goes back a long way. In ancient times court astrologers made a lucrative if dangerous living by convincing their masters that the stars could direct their policy to the best advantage. The advent of the scientific age has not lessened the superstition to any marked degree.

Astrology is a counterfeit of the revealed truth of a personal, all-wise, sovereign Creator who rules all His creation according to His will. It is a substitute for the Word of God. It is sorcery (v. 12). It is fatalism at its worst. It is not only fatalistic, it is fatal. It is a slayer of souls. That is clear from todays text. The monthly prognosticators, or stargazers, or astrologers, as Isaiah also calls them, succeeded only in leading the people astray. By the time some people discovered their error, it was too late to recover.

We have Gods infallible Word. It is the light that shineth in a dark place (II Pet. 1:19). It tells you how to be saved. It shows you how to live. It has the answer to every problem of life. And it lights the way through death to heaven. Go to the Bible today. It is not a horoscope you need, but the handbook of heaven.

God assures us of a future that is better than all our past.
J. C. Stern

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