The Papacy:

Its History, Dogmas, Genius, and Prospects

by Rev. J.A. Wylie, LL.D.

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Preface: Preface to People's Edition.

  Book One: The History of the Papacy

IThe Origin of the Papacy
IIRise and Progress of Ecclesiastical Supremacy
IIIRise and Progress of the Temporal Sovereignty
IVRise and Progress of the Temporal Supremacy
VFoundation and Extent of the Supremacy
VIThe Canon Law
VIIThat the Church of Rome Neither Has Nor Can Change Her Principles on the Head of the Supremacy

  Book Two: Dogmas of the Papacy

IThe Popish Theology
IIScripture and Tradition
IIIOf Reading the Scriptures
IVThe Unity of the Church of Rome
VThe Catholicity of the Church of Rome
VIApostolicity, or Peter's Primacy
VIIINo Salvation Out of the Church of Rome
IXOf Original Sin
XOf Justification
XIThe Sacraments
XIIBaptism and Confirmation
XIIIThe Eucharist--Transubsantiation--The Mass
XIVOf Penance and Confession
XVOf Indulgences
XVIOf Purgatory
XVIIOf the Worship of Images
XVIIIOf the Worshipping of Saints
XIXOf Worship of the Virgin Mary
XXFaith Not to be Kept with Heretics

  Book Three: The Genius and Influence of the Papacy

IThe Genius of the Papacy
IIInfluence of Popery on the Individual Man
IIIThe Influence of Popery on Government
IVInfluence of Popery on the Morals and Religious Condition of Nations
VInfluence of Popery on the Social and Political Condition of Nations

  Book Four: Present Policy and Prospects of the Papacy

ISham Reformation and Real Re-action
IINew Catholic League, and Threatened Crusade against Protestantism.
IIIGeneral Propagandism.
IVProspects of the Papacy.

Appendix: Britain--Maynooth--Universal Toleration.